Thurs Aug 15th – Sun Aug 18th, 2019

Painting delivery and collection

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Delivery and Collection

All accepted paintings must be delivered to the Sandringham Yacht Club on MONDAY AUGUST 12th 2019 BETWEEN 10:00AM & 2:00PM or 5:00PM & 7:30PM. 

Unsold paintings must be collected from the Sandringham Yacht Club on MONDAY AUGUST 19th 2019 from 12 noon until 7.30pm. A handling fee of $20 will be charged for any paintings not collected by 7:30pm Monday 19th August. No responsibility can be taken for uncollected paintings, which will be forfeited one month after the date of the Exhibition.

The Organisers will not meet delivery charges on return of any paintings.

The Organisers will exercise all reasonable care in handling the paintings accepted, but will not be responsible for the loss of or any damage to any works while in the custody of the Organisers. Insurance against damage, fire and theft on individual works whilst in the Organiser's custody or in transit is the Artist’s responsibility.

Please see the Terms and Conditions for more information.

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