Thurs Aug 15th – Sun Aug 18th, 2019

Awards and Prizes for 2018

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Judges comments
Pamela Pretty

Prize Value

Best Painting in the Show (Acquisitive)

'Place Without a Postcard' by Craig Davy



"This painting is beautifully constructed to capture a broad vista full of light and subtle atmosphere. The rendering is loose with clever use of diagonal lines which create subtle zigzag shapes. The colour palette is expressive and refined and the overall technique is distinctive and excellent."


Best Oil Painting

'Venice Winter Afternoon' by Angelo Quabba



"In this painting the artist has captured the complexity of the Venetian scene with great skill. The mood is warm and inviting and the style used creates movement and character.

The colour palette and depiction of light are beautiful."


Best Pastel/Acrylic Painting

'Morning Light I' by Giulianna Del Popolo



"The artist has painted this complex scene with great skill, conveying light and texture superbly. The mark making is excellent and original as is the subject. The colour palette is natural and skilfully offsets warm and cool colours. A beautifully designed and executed pastel."


Best Watercolour Painting

'Fresh Snow, Mt Buller' by Greg Allen



"This fresh and skillful watercolour invites the viewer into the scene with delicate plays of light. The scene is well constructed with shadows and light patterns leading the eye to the main focus. There are beautiful passages of warm and cool colour and a sense of depth created by the misty soft shapes in the background. "


Best Contemporary Painting, any medium

'Beach Party' by Liliana Gilford



"The use of texture, layers, colour and line combined with clever composition create an intriguing work of art. The technique is superb and original creating a powerful contemporary painting."


Best Painting to the value of $1000, any medium

'A Moment In Time' by Nancy Thurlby



"The artist has skilfully captured the layers and movement of the water and the fish swirling through the pond. The colour palette is very appealing and brings the painting to life and the pastel is applied with excellent technique."


Best Painting to the value of $800, any medium

'Picadilly' by Ted Dansey



"This lovely fresh watercolour takes in a distinctive aerial view of the city street.

The light is beautifully captured and the busyness of the location is painted with skill."


Best Painting to the value of $600, any medium

'Teddy the Artist' by Peter Allen



"The artist has produced a delightful painting with this very skilful rendition. The bear is full of character and the texture of the fur is wonderful and the artist has a lovely technique."


Best Painting by a Bayside artist, any medium

'Summers Morning, Red Bluff Sandringham' by Vivi Palegeorge



"This small has a beautiful sense of light and air. The artist has skilfully rendered the water with subtle reflection and used an atmospheric colour palette.There is a confidence in the paint application that adds to the charm of this painting."


Popular choice

'Flair, Paris IV' by Isabella Karolewicz






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