Thurs Aug 15th – Sun Aug 18th, 2019


Painting Entry

  1. Entries for consideration to accept for hanging or display will be accepted from Wednesday 29th May 2019 until Friday 19th July 2019. Only entries made through the designated online entry system will be considered.
  2. By submitting your works through our online process, you enter into an agreement with The Rotary Club of Brighton, Inc. hereafter referred to as “the Organisers” and you agree to comply with these Terms and Conditions.
  3. All paintings must be the original work of the artist, and no prints or copies will be accepted.
  4. A non-refundable submission fee of $5.00 Inc. GST will apply, irrespective of the painting’s size.  Any number of paintings may be submitted, but a maximum of 4 works may be accepted.
  5. No work submitted may have a length on any side greater than 1.4 metres.
  6. Paintings not accompanied by an image when entries are closed may not be accepted.
  7. Artists whose works are accepted for hanging or display will be notified no later than Monday 29th July 2019.
  8. If a painting that has been submitted on line has been sold by the Artist prior to acceptance a substitute painting may be submitted in its place. No penalty or additional fee will apply.
  9. Upon acceptance, the following additional and non-refundable fees will apply per work accepted for  display:
  • $12.00 Inc. GST per accepted painting having an overall area less than 1 square metre;
  • $25.00 Inc. GST for each accepted painting having an overall area of 1 square metre or more;
  • all sizes include the frame where applicable.
  1. Accepted paintings must be suitable for hanging, correctly marked and labelled on the back with labels that will be supplied, and be ready for hanging with strong wire (flush not protruding).
    Hanging wire to be a minimum of 50mm (small frames) or 100mm (large frames) slack, not to be drawn tight. If the above conditions are not met, paintings might not be exhibited.

Delivery and Collection

  1. All accepted paintings must be delivered to the Sandringham Yacht Club on MONDAY AUGUST 12th 2019 BETWEEN 10:00AM & 2:00PM or 5:00PM & 7:30PM. 
  2. Unsold paintings must be collected from the Sandringham Yacht Club on MONDAY AUGUST 19th 2019 from 12 noon until 7.30pm. A handling fee of $20 will be charged for any paintings not collected by 7:30pm Monday 19th August. No responsibility can be taken for uncollected paintings, which will be forfeited one month after the date of the Exhibition.
  1. The Organisers will not meet delivery charges on return of any paintings.
  2. The Organisers will exercise all reasonable care in handling the paintings accepted, but will not be responsible for the loss of or any damage to any works while in the custody of the Organisers. Insurance against damage, fire and theft on individual works whilst in the Organiser's custody or in transit is the Artist’s responsibility.

Displaying Paintings

  1. The Organisers will display all accepted entries at the Sandringham Yacht Club, Jetty Road, Sandringham. The Official Opening times will be:
    1. Thursday August 15  from 10.00am - 6.00pm
    2. Friday August 16  from 10.00am - 6.00pm
    3. Saturday August 17  from 10.00am - 6.00pm
    4. Sunday August 18  from 10.00am - 5.00pm
  2. The Organisers reserve the right to withdraw any work at any time from the Exhibition.


  1. All accepted paintings will be considered for judging for prizes and awards. Each painting is only eligible to win only one award category.
  2. All awards are non-acquisitive unless otherwise stated. The Organisers reserve the right to put up for sale in this or any further shows any award winning painting should the sponsor wish to not accept the painting.
  1. The Organisers’ and Judges' decisions are final.


Thursday Art Food and Fun Night

  1. A fee of $40.00 per person to view the show on Thursday August 15th. Tickets may be purchased online via the website.

    Attending the Show
  2. Each exhibiting artist will receive one entry pass, valid for any day except Thursday Art, Food and Fun night.

Painting Sales

  1. The Artist appoints the Organisers as his or her agents for all purposes associated with the exhibition and agrees to allow the Organisers to offer all paintings for sale to the public at the price stated by the Artist on the entry form.
  2. Artists must complete the GST declaration as part of the online entry process. Any applicable GST on the sale of a painting is the Artist's responsibility. All marked prices are to be inclusive of any GST where applicable. Prizes won by Professional Artists who are registered for GST will include the applicable GST amount in addition to the published competition prize amount.
  3. The Organisers will deduct 25% commission plus GST (i.e. 27.5% incl. GST) from all painting sales. Artists will be paid within 14 days of the closure of the Exhibition.


  1. The Organisers shall have the right to photograph paintings and publish those photographs for publicity purposes.